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Have u ever had 3 ankels? Well i do....losers. So im just sittin here listening to some Zeppelin. There good....really....Well i dont think i have anything to say. Then why would i try to post i retarded or just tarded. I think retarded...i used to be just tarded but i found out that once you go tarded its only a matter of time till you go retarded. When i was tarded i was just being ignorant and i didnt know ne thing. But now im not as ignorant but i guess my brain is still decaying from all the tarded stuff i did. If i was to make one cure it would be for ignorance becuase that would solve any problem. But if I had a choice to make it i would and just use it on me. That way the world wouldnt become all fucked up. Becuase no matter how hard you try to make things better in the world or your life theres allways gonna be down part to come. Whether its 100 yrs or 100 days away is irrelavant. Well that was fun... Have fun everyone and good night, keep your anus tite.(chappelle show)
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