orliblominramin (orliblominramin) wrote in etable,

there is life after your lover dies.

ok.. karissa is the first person who i know had this so i must give her some serious props or i could be sued or something...

- I ____ Mona
- ______ annoys me about Mona
- Mona is:
- Mona thinks a lot about:
- When I think of _________, I think of Mona.
- If I were alone in a room with Mona I would:
- Mona looks:
- Mona seems:
- Mona needs:
- I want to ____________ Mona.
- If I could describe Mona in one word:
- Mona is cooler than:
- Mona loves these 3 things: _____, _____, and _____.
- Mona loves these 3 people: _____, _____, and ____.
- You should keep _________ out of Mona's reach.
- Mona could hurt you with her:
- Mona drinks a lot of:
- Mona is the most _______ and _______ person I've ever talked to.
- Mona hates:
- Mona says ______ and ______ way too much.
- The number one thing that Mona needs:
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