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Ill make an entry gosh didly darn it!
Well, last night allan told me that margarat cho was on... so i went and watched it then he came over.. then we looked at celebrity nip slips and old conversations. Time passed and before we knew it it was quarter till two and everyone in my house was asleep. Then i had to "sneak" him out which was funny... damn security system. Next day allan picks me up because i have to buy sonya matov's present. We go to... mervyn's? and i dunno what the hell i should get her. We see yassin there which was funny cuz i totally walked passed her then turned around and acted like i didnt see her.. ahh the memories. so i want to get sonya somethign and i find somethign that says 40$ and i say "fuck that" and allan insists on asking an employee and they say its like 20$ so i bought it. Then we went to tower to buy about a boy for me and the st to 50 first dates for allan. Then we go to two different banks to get some money, tehn to lunch. uhh that pizza was good. Then we drove over to sara's work to give her some pizza but we didnt see her and i didnt want to ask the person cuz i thought that it might get sara into trouble. Oh, at the pizza place Allan and i planned a road trip. Then we argued what state the grand canyon was in. We started calling ppl and i only know one person who's been to the grand canyon other than allan. Stephen. so allan calls his dad and i call stephen but no one picks up as usuall and i hear bad news from allan's dad that the blessed canyon is in Arizona. sooo later when we're driving home i ask allan to stop by stephen's house on the way so i could ask and make sure. its a good thing i did because i found out that its a little bit in utah too. HA allan.. take that. so we go to my house and i get out an atlas that shows that its partly in utah.. and i remember allan saying in the car "utah is above nevada" and i said "no thats idaho". yea, its actually hard to think about what crap states are in that middle of nowhere. stuff happend later in the day but i gained a headache later in hte day so ill end the day right there.
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